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Kerstin Lindquist is a IIN certified health coach, recognized author, Emmy award-winning journalist and host at the leading global multi-platform retailer.


Born and raised in Orange County, California, her first job at fourteen was as a roller skating snowflake at Disneyland, followed soon after by summers as a lifeguard. Her career has followed that creative and service focused path ever since.


She holds a degree in Government from Franklin & Marshall College, but supported herself after university with small acting and dancing roles on shows like The West Wing and Coyote Ugly and eventually becoming a fitness instructor. 

Kerstin landed in local news where she earned four Emmys for her emotional international reporting. She was the morning anchor at NBC in Las Vegas before moving to San Diego. She struggled to grow her family though infertility and adoption while she was the morning weather-caster at ABC and those few years shaped who she is today. 


You will currently find Kerstin on book shelves everywhere writing about family, faith and fitness. She is a frequent contributor to publications such as Sail Magazine, Vibrant Life and America Adopts. You can see her talking about her favorite products daily, on national TV,  


Most importantly she strives to serve others. Her goal is to make faith come alive in others. She is a certified health coach from the worlds largest nutrition school. She helps women gain confidence so they can feel more joy and feel less alone She is very active in the inspiring side of social media, so follow along.


Her latest book is out now, hit the best seller list on Amazon. Where's My Crown for Acting Like Everything Is Fine?: Royally Surviving Life's Waiting Periods. Through the pages, Kerstin shares her own stories with the honesty of your best friend. She explains what has worked for real, overwhelmed, under-supported women just like you, who are living through unbearable waits: unemployment, illness, infertility, death, even seasons of joylessness that seem to never end. You will learn how to manage all the little waits that come daily, the ones that make you feel like you’re missing out on your life. Where’s My Crown offers tangible advice and actionable steps for coping through each season,

You can also read her highly acclaimed first book, Five Months Apart, A Story of Infertility, Faith & GraceThe memoir dives into the difficult subjects of infertility, adoption, infidelity and finding God through some of life's hardest losses.

Kerstin and her husband live with their three children, on a sunny hill in West Chester, Pennsylvania. They spend their free time in warm climates – preferably with sand.

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