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Meet Kerstin

    Over the last 20 Kerstin has connected on a personal level with her more than 150 million viewers on QVC and network news through confident vulnerability and the curated ability to tell a story that makes you feel. She currently hosts one of the most watched shows on QVC.


     Kerstin is a keynote speaker, author, and certified health coach. She’s a contributor to publications such as Sail Magazine, Vibrant Life, and America Adopts. She is the author of two books on faith and wellness and has written three, sold-out devotional journal/Bible sets alongside Zondervan at QVC. 

     Kerstin is an Emmy Award winning Journalist, she has her own lifestyle brand of clothing, shoes, and bags much of it based around inspirational messaging. All of it stemming from her own experiences, health, infertility, adoption, familial addiction, grief and abundant hope. 

     She’s the first to tell you, her success is not of her, it all the Lord’s work through her. Kerstin is a mom of three. She and her family live on a sunny hill in West Chester, PA. They spend their free time traveling to places with water, sun, and sand.

She’s the first to tell you it's not of her it's all the Lord’s work through her.



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