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  • Kerstin Lindquist

What Are You Thinking About Most?

    Quick, answer out loud or grab a notebook and write them down. Now don't beat yourself up about it, but lets figure out how we can break these idols. Anything that is taking up more of our energy than our Lord is an idol. In my morning quiet time I write down: * 7 things I'm grateful for. *10 Prayers the Lord is going to answer (advance gratitude for prayers yet to be answered.) *What Im excited about for the day. *What could stress me out. *How I need to react. *2 Idols I need to break. *Whom I'll serve. *1 thing I must do today. This usually doesn't take more than five minutes each morning and it can set you off on the right path for your day. I just added in the broken idols because I realized the worry and anxiety im feeling is a reflection on what I am most invested in. And that sure isn't our Lord or I wouldn't be feeling this way! For me those idols can change but they are often: Money, Scheduling, Decisions over my family, Control, Health, Fear, The Future, Work and Worry. Heres what I want you to do. Follow AAAG. Awareness Admission Action Grace. Be aware of your idols, then admit them to yourself and others. Thats key because saying it out loud brings healing and allows you to be accountable. This is why we need a tribe who doesn't judge. Then take action steps to break that idol. Prayer, memorization etc.. And most important give yourself grace!!! This is a practice. You are forgiven. Jesus loves you no matter what. These idols will come up day after day, year after year, but as long as you are striving to replace them with Jesus you are following the Lords will for your life. Give yourself grace and have a great day my friends.  xoxo Kerstin 

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