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"I’m just a busy working mom trying to find balance. Struggling to stay fit and happy every day, getting help from my faith and products that make life easier.”- Kerstin Lindquist



Kerstin has built her career on the ability to connect with the customer through confident vulnerability and unparalleled product and sales expertise. She is a product expert on all things wellness; from supplements to fitness, food and apparel.  


In her current role as a program host on QVC, she’s come to connect with her more than millions of viewers on a surprisingly personal level. From her own line apparel to her inspirational jewelry and journals, she approaches her career as she does her life, making her priorties; faith, family and fitness. It’s those three things that have shaped her diverse career and made her one of the most successful and approachable on air sales personalities in the world.


Kerstin along with her close friend Alberti Popaj she hosts QVCs ever-popular Saturday Morning Q, which airs every Saturday from 10am am until 2pm EST, as well as Feel Good Finds 6-8pm EST Thursdays and Find She can also be seen talking fashion in Kerstin's Closet, Holiday shopping on Wednesdays with Find Your way to Holiday,  and she’s the host of Kerstin Loves Wellness, Kerstin Favorite Things, At Home with Kerstin, The Balanced Kitchen with Kerstin and so much more throughout the week.

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