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The Road To Activism

Every man shall give as he is able according to the blessing of the Lord your God which he has given you. Deuteronomy 16:17 NIV

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In 2006 her life was exactly what she had dreamed, but God had different plans—and His are always better. For three years Kerstin managed to hide her pain while on the air, but at home she felt her life falling apart. Kerstin and Dan struggled for more than three years through infertility and miscarriage. It changed her. In 2009, they were blessed with two miracle children, one through adoption and the other through IVF. Her focus in life changed. She’d been given a second chance after loosing her life to the pain of infertility for so many years. After months of praying as a family they left broadcast news and moved to a small coastal town in Mexico where they took a needed break from the public eye before entering the word of home shopping at QVC in 2011. That decision marked the start of what God had planned; a life helping others.


While living in Mexico Kerstin and Dan started volunteering with a local mission in Baja California. Siloe Ministries is a medical nonprofit serving La Mision, Baja California and other poor communities in Mexico. They provide needy families with free education, medical care and Christ-centered counseling. Kerstin continues to support Siloe and feels a strong connection to the community she called home during one of the most important times in her life.


Once on the national stage at QVC, Kerstin was introduced through her alma mater to the CEO of She quickly fell in love with the organizations mission statement and she became a vocal advocate of adoption and adoption reform. She sits on the board for the non-profit organization that gives grants to couples and individuals struggling with the astronomical costs of domestic and foreign adoption.

Kerstin knows so many like her need someone to talk to about the struggles they are facing. She sits on the board of directors for TableTop ministries. A non profit that provides spiritual direction and helps build up those in need. Her pastor mentioned in the first few pages of her book is the executive director and is changing lives every day. 


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