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What's Wrong?

First thing that comes to mind?

If you can name it, skip to the comments and tell me.

But, for most of us it’s not that easy. If there was one thing, you could fix it.

That would be easier.

Hardship in life is often a culmination. There’s situations and timelines and bio individuality and feelings and the big and the small and the overwhelm and the noise.

Overwhelm and noise.

Tell me how to fix that.

In my desire to figure out my thing, I’ve discovered the restlessness ( another way of saying “whats wrong,”) comes from not fully living out my purpose.

Ironically, giving phrase to my purpose is as familiar to me as saying my name.

“I’m Kerstin and I make faith come alive in others.”

Faith in God, in yourself, in others, in the future, in your myriad of waiting periods, in this crazy painful beautiful life.

What I want, what I need is to be serving you. Helping faith come alive in you. This is why Mexico was so life giving.

In serving others I was giving to myself.

God has put me in this place to serve I just need to do it.

(pssst... same goes for you.)

So, what I’m asking you, what I need from you, is to tell me how.

I can write what the holy spirit puts on my heart and speak non stop on topics from infertility and adoption to wellness and closeness with God. And believe me, as a Christian health coach and TV host, I won’t stop doing just that.

My story, just like yours is a gift to others.

Telling our stories makes us feel less alone, and binds us together in community.

I have the beginnings of a book on morning motivation and a nearly completed book of daily devotions and another on Serving. I have seven minute devotional videos waiting on my phone and a stirring in my heart to take groups through the steps necessary to strengthen your relationship and dependance on the Lord as well as change the relationship with food, exercise and others.

But what do you want?

What would help you?

There’s no ulterior motive here. I’m not after something. I’m not trying to sell anything (although yes, yes, I am still a QVC host and a published author and it would be nice to keep both those jobs,) I’m just trying to calm my own overwhelm and noise by giving of myself to you.

So, tell me what’s wrong?

What content can I deliver that would help?

What subjects hit home?

When you watch me speak or read my blogs what helps?

Do you want more on parenting, nutrition, sleep, Jesus, relationships, missionary work, adoption, infertility, surviving life’s waiting periods… or….?

Do you find it most helpful when I write for you or do videos work best, or would a podcast be helpful or an online course?

In my last few weeks of nutrition school, I was tasked with writing out my own mission statement. Here’s what I came up.

I help women gain confidence so they can have more joy, and feel less alone.

What would help you have more confidence, more joy and feel less alone?

The rest of 2023 is dedicated to you. Remember, this isn’t entirely selfless. By giving back I feel, we all feel, fuller. So, without sounding too cliché, help me help you, help me.

DM me, email me, drop it in the chat, write it in the comments. There is power in putting pen to paper or in this case words to a screen. Get it out. Tell me what’s wrong, what you need, what helps you give those worries, concerns, and your past, less weight.

I'll tell you the first thing that helps; writing it down.

So start typing.

My prayer is that God will make it abundantly clear through you, what He needs to be providing, through me, daily.

I can’t wait to see how He shows up and what’s next for all of us in the second half of 2023.


Ways to connect:


Announcement!!!! Coming August 27th

Surrender Series.

30 days of motivational journal prompts to help you surrender to Him & see change in your life in this next season.

A new video will publish every morning on You Tube (so subscribe to that channel!) and later in the day on Instagram and Facebook.

Start praying and commit now to joining me every morning on You Tube for a quick 5 min session to help you reach your goals in September.


QVC Saturday live stream.

Want to talk in person? I do a 30 min live stream every Saturday around 2:10pm after my show on QVC. You can ask me just about anything. Go here and look for my picture to set a reminder and join us most Saturdays!

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