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  • Kerstin Lindquist

Simple Prayers to Get You Going

Hello you smart, fearless, faithful warriors, (keep declaring it even if you don't feel it!) I wanted to give you a couple easy prayers you can say to get started in your morning time with God. Or to repeat through the day when you need encouragement. So many of you have reached out wanting more information on how I structure my time with God, and how you can get closer to Him, so Im hoping these prayers get you started. I devote many chapters in my new book; Where’s My Crown for Acting Like Everything is Fine? A Guide to Royally Surviving Life’s Waiting Periods. to this topic but I want to help you get there now! Remember there are no silly or stupid prayers, just your hearts desires and longing to be closer to our Daddy. He wants your attention, your time, your trust. He is waiting right now to hear from you. Don't let pride stop you from reaching out for His loving arms. 

In Faith, 


Heres another.....

Father, come closer. I need you more than ever. I long for the comfort I can feel here on earth but I know that nothing compares to your safe and stable embrace. So hold me. Im hurt. My heart is heavy with worry and sadness. I need to let go so I can fully come into the glory you have planned for me, but its so hard. Im a sinner, and I have fears that keep me from surrendering control. So please Lord come closer. I long to feel your peace. My gratitude is beyond words. Even in this pain I am so thankul for how you have blessed me. Thank you Jesus, help me Jesus, hold me Father. My heart and my life is in your hands.  Amen 

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