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Made it to Mexico, What's next?

What emotion do you feel when you look at that picture? Even after spending a considerable amount of time in Baja, there is still that ping of anxiety that comes from literally driving out of your comfort zone. In this case the predictibility of the United States. The good news is as soon as I drove across the border yesterday I was filled with a familiar peace. Not only enveloped by the Holy Spirit but also a sense of returning to a place my heart recognized. We spent a considerable amount of time down here when we lived in San Diego, before we moved to Pennsylvania for QVC. In fact in my first book I write about how I answered the call that I got the host job at Q as we were literally crossing the border into Tijuana with our two one year old daughters. My then boss's reaction was "are you allowed to cross the border?" We're less than a week into this trip and already Im detoxing my old life. The usual todo list and fast pace is seeping from my body. It's uncomfortable (maybe that should have been my word for 2023,) but immensely healthy. My successes are no longer measured by sales at work, but by small day to day events. A new word learned by my six year old in home schooling, figuring out how to unlock the huge gate at the clinic, managing to fit all our bags in the back of a small sedan.

Yes, five people, three months and I only had to ditch one small roller bag to get it all in the trunk. My accomplishment quota for the month is full! Heres what we've learned so far. 1) This is a slower way of life and that's fantastic even though my body and mind haven't gotten there yet. 2) Teenage girls will have a hard time adjusting to the loss of certain way of life. Please pray for them. 3) Houses in Mexico aren't insulated or temperature controlled and its freezing cold at night. And Im a wimp. 4) I really miss my Barefoot Dreams throws, my Dyson heater and vacuum, and my big car. 5) I don't miss a TV at all. Reading is again my best friend. 6) My gratitude and prayer lists have dramatically changed. Less things, more feelings. Comfort, patience and wisdom now topping my prayers. 7) Living here is remarkably similar to living on a boat.. don't flush toilet paper, don't drink the water, temperature regulation is a challenge, and there is always a project. Good thing we like boats. 8) Everyone was right... I already want to do this forever.

Don't freak out, we are coming back, it's just amazing how even in my lack of comfort I can see why missionary's never stop. There is so much growth in sacrifice.

Heres a few pics of our surroundings....Dan and I on the steps of the clinic when we arrived and at five am on the first morning. We are still on east coast time, so up early and Im freezing my buns off. Below is Ben on the swings at the mission and the dirt road that leads to the place we will work for the next three months and call home for the next two weeks before we move off site into our own place.

More updates next week, in the meantime keep an eye on my Instagram (and this one Sandeverywherefamily for beautiful nature shots) Facebook and YouTube, for daily updates. Please like and follow all four and help us spread the good word and encourage others to serve.

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Genise Ortiz
Genise Ortiz

Youd best get out of there. You do know the cartel's are kidnapping people right now??????

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