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5th Anniversary Fundraiser

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

We're out of here in just about two weeks and there is still no one to fill our shoes. But, we know God will provide!

Were also celebrating Siloes 5th Anniversary and because they are in need of a new full time doctor, nurse and administrator, we are helping by doing a big 5th Anniversary fundraiser.

A tax deductible 50 dollar donation gets you a special edition t-shirt

A tax deductible 100 dollar donation gets you a special edition hoodie (Graces fave.)

They are soft, cozy, black and white and we only have 40 of each!

So email me quick.

Give me your desired item and size, and send me your name and address.

Safe, tax deductible donations can be made here and put "5th anniversary" in the note.

Siloe has reached thousands of patients over the last five years. serving them through free medical, dental, gynecology, pediatrics, chiropractic, physical therapy, exercise, nutrition, and psychology, you can help them continue this humanitarian work and get some free swag along the way!

Your donations have and will continue to save lives throughout Baja California.

Thank You!!! See you Saturday morning.

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