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  • Kerstin Lindquist

Its Time For Us to Go

This has been something on my heart for years, and now is the right time... We’re leaving Pennsylvania in a couple weeks to serve at a medical clinic in Mexico. As you’ve witnessed over the years in what I write and how I speak, my purpose in life is very clear, it's to make faith come alive in others. “Who can I serve?” is even one of the daily prompts we do in our journaling series. After years of discussion with my husband, listening to the Lord, and prayers as a family, this next move is an answer to that question. When the idea to go be missionaries was hatched we knew we wanted to go somewhere our Latino children (and the rest of us) could see a community that could have been theirs, and Mexico has alway been near to our heart even before our beautiful Mexican daughter, Grace, was born. As it happens we have friends that are missionaries in Baja and their ministry is one the Lord has led us to for this next season. In the final chapter of my 2020 book Where’s My Crown, …. I foreshadow this very event in our lives. God had it in the works for well before I did. Maybe it was even a part of why we were infertile and led to adoption. His plan is always better than our own, and this is evidence of that. There is so much I want to share while we’re there but also, perhaps more impactful, are the stories of how we got here. This has been so heavy and full of ups and downs in making this life changing decision. And now there is immense gratitude as the Lord brings me into this time of ultimate dependence on Him. Its a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but its so good, and I hope I can help you explore this part of your life as well. We will be down there from mid January until mid April and I'll be sending out frequent updates stay close to YouTube, Instagram (and this one Sandeverywherefamily) and Facebook Please, like and follow all four and help us build an audience and spread the word. More than anything we ask for your prayers. We’re leaving our life behind for a while. As humans were conditioned to move toward comfort and we are heading the opposite direction. Leaving behind our sweet dog (in a loving foster home God bless the Hynds) chickens, home, school, income and our jobs (we will return to QVC and UPS! Im not leaving the company for good.) There is a touch of fear in the uncertainty but we have full faith the Lord will provide & keep us safe. Knowing that we have an army of faithful warriors praying for us will keep that worry far from our minds. One more thought… I heard this story once about the alleged “13th disciple” he decided he couldn’t go be one of the chosen because he didn’t want to give everything in his life away and follow Jesus into the unknown. It was an attachment to stuff, and security. Something we can probably all relate to. Can you imagine that guy now? If he were to look back in history and see what he could have done, could have been, who he could have saved? That hit me hard as I was deciding if we should really quit our jobs for a while and be missionary’s. It wasn't a smooth road to get here and I often wondered if I should just give up. But, God. How could I not go where the Lord was calling? Nothing else I do in life matters more than making an impact for Christ. And I don’t ever want to look back and say “I could have been…” This is my 13th disciple moment. I hope you will follow along as we see Gods good works first hand. xoxo Kerstin

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